Since I discovered your laundry, I’ve never thought of going anywhere else!

Who wouldn’t like their customers to say, “Since I discovered your laundry, I’ve never thought of going anywhere else!”?

If you’ve already had this experience it means you are doing a good job and your hard work is paying off. If it hasn’t happened though, you may be able to improve your service. Today we are going to explain how to make sure your customers are fully satisfied, and how you the professional can get the best from your job.

Here are 3 recommendations as to how to make your laundry a place people will return to with pleasure:

  1. When a customer enters, always greet them with a smile. A warm welcome is your greeting card. Never mind how busy you are, a smile costs nothing and will always be appreciated.
  2. When they come to pick up the garment, give every new customer a little something: three drawer perfumers, a detergent sample, a mini spray. Tell them that the product is the same as you used on the fabric, it will encourage them to return and buy the product. This small show of attention immediately differentiates you from your competitors and will ensure customers remember you.
  3. Give regular customers samples of products that you sell. If you do not have any samples, make them yourselves. A very small investment will certainly bring its rewards. The customer will be happy to try a new product without charge and will be much more likely to then go on to buy it. By giving samples regularly to all customers, you will create a positive and welcome experience!

In short:

These three pieces of advice are easy to follow and virtually cost free. They will greatly increase the perceived quality of your business, giving the customer the opportunity to return the favour by becoming a regular and recommending you to friends and relatives.

Setting yourself apart not only through the products and services you provide but also through the purchasing experience will help create a professional and pleasant relationship with your customers.