Red Box Limited Edition


  • IGIENBUCATO is a highly effective super-concentrated liquid detergent that replaces powdered detergents. Ideal for restoring freshness, cleanness and hygiene to all kinds of fabrics: cotton, synthetics, underwear and coloured fabrics. .
  • IGIENBUCATO has been tested by the University of Ferrara and formulated to reduce the risk of allergies.
  • IGIENBUCATO can be used in association with other products for extra performance: combined with Igiensoft it ensures complete hygiene and an extra fragrance boost.


  • IGIENSOFT long lasting is a concentrated hypo-allergenic conditioner suited to solve allergies or disorders due to a direct skin contact with garments being treated with traditional fabric conditioners
  • IGIENSOFT long lasting contains a sanitizing component, which hinders the development of bad smells.
  • IGIENSOFT long lasting, contains hypoallergenic components which make it suitable for sensitive skin as well as for treating children’s garments, underwear, towels and bedsheets.


  • IGIEN INTENSITY, is a sanitizing booster for biological laundry detergents formulated with active ingredients and the same base fragrance as HYGIENSOFT fabric softener.
  • IGIEN INTENSITYIt ensures a perfect, sanitizing finish to your laundry cycle, boosting performance against microbes, including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi, which may cause unpleasant smells to persist even after washing.


  • REFRESHER IGIEN NO GAS  is a professional fabric deodorant with sanitizing agent.
  • REFRESHER IGIEN NO GAS Effective on curtains, sofas, carpets and covers. Eliminates unpleasant smells in pet beds, helmets and waste bins, etc.
  • REFRESHER IGIEN NO GAS Spray at a distance of at least 30 cm. Test Refresher Igien No-gas on a small, easily hidden area of the item before use


  • IGIEN BIANCO SPRAY long-lasting is an innovative deodorant that leaves on the fabrics a warm sense gentle delicacy, providing the fabrics with a silky touch.
  • IGIEN BIANCO SPRAY long-lasting ,used after IGIENSOFT SOFTENER, it enhances the softening action of the softener, while sprayed in wardrobes it leaves a long-lasting, yet not invasive scent of talk.