Due to its reduced impact on the environment and the lower cost of water compared to dry cleaning, water washing is currently the most commonly used method; washing in water also greatly reduces safety and health issues for those who work in the laundry business. Although water washing cannot completely replace dry cleaning, use of the right detergents nowadays allows excellent results even on fabrics, garments and stains that until recently were only considered for dry cleaning.

The Prolab Line has been designed to meet the needs of commercial laundries aiming to achieve the highest quality while remaining competitive. As is customary with Rampi products, a little goes a long way. Moreover being easy to rinse also means saving both energy and water. The concept is that since these high technology products are entirely un-fragranced, the laundry is free to customize its service. Coming in a wide range of fragrances, Intensity, a hygiene booster and concentrate of fragrance, can be added during the final rinse. For those who wish for perfumed laundry, the association of a fine fresh-smelling fragrance will distinguish your services from the rest. For those who prefer no fragrance at all, Prolab delivers garments that are perfectly clean and sanitized.

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