One…two…three reasons why wet cleaning is the only way ahead for the good of our planet:

wet cleaning rampi prodotti lavanderie

Wet cleaning is becoming more and more widely known and appreciated by both professionals and end users. However, for those who haven’t heard about it yet, wet cleaning is an alternative to dry cleaning that has the huge advantage of using water rather than potentially dangerous chemical solvents.

Professional wet cleaning provides a new way of washing a comprehensive range of fabrics. To the satisfaction of customers who prefer a more natural and less polluting system, numerous laundries have adopted this alternative.

The wet cleaning system allows all garments to be washed in water, reducing or entirely eliminating the need for dry cleaning. Wet cleaning improves stain removal, particularly where sweat and protein are concerned, but it is also of incredible benefit to the environment. Wet cleaning entirely removes the need to dispose of the toxic waste produced by dry cleaning.

Finally, but more important of all, laundry staff do not breathe unhealthy toxic fumes.

Here’s why wet cleaning is better:

  1. No dangerous waste
  2. No pollution
  3. It eliminates the use of non-biodegradable chemical products and health risks

By choosing wet cleaning, you can:

  • Eliminate even the most stubborn odours.
  • Refresh fabrics and protect colours
  • Remove stains from garments, particularly sweat and protein
  • Get better results on clothes with PVC and special fabrics such as sequinned dresses.
  • Avoid damaging buttons and plastic zips
  • Wash almost all garments in water and treat waterproofed clothes.

We guarantee unbeatable results. Invest in a cleaner future and experience the difference!

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